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The “Legends Cup” -2009 became for Russia an absolutely new, unprecedented event. We had enough veteran matches before. But they were usually local, they collected only domestic players and did not claim to be traditional. And here - a tournament of this scale! The guests came from France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Portugal, in whose compositions world celebrities with the prefix "super" were enough.

Among the most famous footballers in Moscow came: the Dutch Ronald de Boer and Pierre van Hoydonk, the Frenchman Christian Karembeu, the Italian Demetrio Albertini, the Portuguese Joao Pinto and Dimash Teixeira, the Spaniards Pedro Amaviska and Jon Andoni Goyochea. And, of course, the great Eusebio, who arrived as a special guest.

The first thing, despite the debilitating flight and fatigue, the Portuguese visited in Moscow the grave of his friend Lev Yashin at the Vagankovo cemetery. From the influx of emotions and memories, he burst into tears. That touching picture of people who watched what was going on live, never forget.

And the first tournament attracted great attention of fans. See so many football legends - Russian and foreign - in the same place, see how they play in the not very familiar for perception, but very entertaining football format - indoors, in a reduced space, with boards that you can also to recoup - the audience could not pass by such an opportunity. The opening ceremony took place on January 31 at the Megasport Sports Palace in the crowded stands.

Although many considered the favorites to be the Spain, who win six months earlier won the Russian final in a similar tournament in Valencia. Here, in Moscow, it was these two teams that reached the decisive match. Our team in a fierce fight was able to take revenge - 8-4, despite the great "poker" Amaviski. Over eight thousand spectators gathered for the decisive match! And those who watched that final will also be remembered. Degree of tension just rolls over, it even came to minor hassles. However, after the final whistle, everyone quickly reconciled. Still, the "Legends Cup" has always been held under the sign of friendship and Russian hospitality.