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Successful holding of the “Legends Cup”-2009 clearly showed that the tournament is very interesting for Russian fans and is popular both in terms of attendance of games and the rating of the show on television. As a result, in 2010, the Legends Cup gained the support of the Government of Moscow and was included in the official calendar of sports and entertainment events. 

The list of participants of the 2010 Legends Cup slightly changed: instead of the French national team, the German national team flew to Moscow. And the stars, like a year ago, were enough: Ronald de Boer and van Hooijdonk, Amaviska and Karanka, Pauleta and Di Biagio, and many, many others. The special guest was the winner of the Golden Ball -1987 Ruud Gullit. The ex-head coach of Chelsea Antonio Conte played for the Italian national team at the Legends Cup -2010. He even scored three goals in the group stage. At that time, Antonio was still an aspiring specialist and did not manage to reach his heights. Moreover, just a couple of weeks before the “Legends Cup” -2010 he was fired from “Atalanta”. Juventus, the Italian national team, Chelsea and many titles were just ahead. Unlike the first tournament, Valery Karpin, who headed Spartak at that time, and Viktor Onopko, who worked at CSKA, could not play for the Russian team.

In the final match, as in 2009, Russia and Spain met. The game was filled with tactical struggle: everyone really wanted to win. Perhaps that is why the spectators saw not so many successful attacks. To take revenge for defeat in the first "Legends Cup" Spaniards could not. Even in the second half, they were close to leveling the score, but in the end the final whistle fixed the Russians victory - 4: 2. ⠀ 

Two great goals, a free-kick and a long-range strike from the game, Konstantin Eremenko scored in that final, plus another ball Karanka cut into his own net after his own shot. And after a month and a half, the terrible news came: Konstantin Eremenko chase...