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As a guest of honor of the “Legends Cup” 2012,  Bebeto is the famous Brazilian striker, world champion in 1994, visited Moscow and gave the world his famous gesture. In the quarter-finals of the triumphal world championship, having scored the Dutch national team goal, he ran to the sideline, folded his arms and depicted the rocking child. So the striker celebrated the birth of a child, and many footballers began to take the example of  Bebeto after that.

At the "Legends Cup 2012" there was one change in the composition of the participants: instead of Spain, which could not come for various reasons, the Ukrainian team played. As part of her delegation, the best footballers from Europe-1986, Igor Belanov, flew to Moscow. Of the world celebrities in the tournament were also the Portuguese Fernando Couto, Pauleta and Sergio Conceiso, the Italians Giuseppe Favalli, Ciro Ferrara, Luigi Di Biagio, Angelo Peruzzi and Marco Ballotta, the Brazilian Aldair (he came as part of the Italian national team, since he played the whole team for Italy Series A), the Dutchman Pierre van Hooijdonk, the Germans Fredy Bobich and Oliver Neuville, the Ukrainian Sergey Rebrov and many others.