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It seemed, “Legends Cup”-2013 will be a tournament of great achievements for the Italian team. “Skouadra Azzurra” brought to Moscow a scattering of the brightest stars: there were 2006 world champions Fabio Grosso and Fabio Cannavaro, who had just completed professional careers, and their famous compatriots Marco Ballotta, Dino Baggio, Damiano Tommasi and Chiro Ferrara. None of the rivals looked more powerful by name.

However, to the surprise of many, the Italians could not get out of the group, gaining one point. But Grosso designed three hat-tricks in three meetings and became the top scorer of the tournament! ⠀ The Portuguese also had a very decent team. Their delegation included well-known performers from Fernando Meira (Zenit), Maniche and Costinha (Dynamo), as well as Ricardo Sa Pinto, Rui Barrush and Dimash Teixeira. But, despite the star compositions of the Portuguese and Italians, in the final again, as a year ago, the national teams of Russia and Ukraine met. For a long time it seemed that our team was much more powerful than the opponent: the balls flew into the gates of Ukrainians one by one, the score at some point grew to indecent 7: 0. But in the second half, the team of Valery Gladilina still faced with difficulties. The result - 9: 6.