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The seventh “Legends Cup” was marked by the appearance of a new team - the Team of world football stars. Its creation allowed us to invite even more famous footballers from various countries to the tournament, and in 2015 it included: Ruslan Nigmatullin (Russia), Aldair (Brazil), Vincent Candela (France), Dario Simic (Croatia), Ibraim Ba (France), Serginho (Brazil), Dmitry Bulykin (Russia), Marco Delvecchio (Italy), Jari Litmanen (Finland), Florin Reduchoyu (Romania), Ali Daei (Iran). The debut of the stars team turned out to be successful: if in the first match the international team only felt for teamwork and lost to Portugal (5:11), then they beat the Italians (7: 3) and got the opportunity to play the third day for the meeting. There, football stars were stronger than Holland (7: 4) and won the bronze.

And “Legends Cup”-2015 clearly showed: in vain, many believe that the Russian team is always a cut above all competitors in the tournament and has no worthy competitors. Giant difficulties began with the first match against Germany. Our team conceded almost the whole game to one ball: compared, but missed again. And so it went on forever. It seemed that this was a defeat, it was impossible to do anything with a streamlined Bundes machine.

And only in the very end, on the 38th and 39th minutes, two goals in a row by Yegor Titov allowed the hosts to win, 7: 6.

In the final game, Russia fought with Portugal. The rival brought a very strong lineup to Moscow, and even before the tournament began, many of our players were expecting a hard fight and an attempt to select the title of the strongest team of the tournament. And indeed it is: the Portuguese were in perfect order, they did not give up when they found themselves in the position of winning back. And in the second half of the second half, scoring three goals in a row, heroically equalized the score. But the last word was still for our team. At the 39th minute (that is, the penultimate) debutant of the tournament Yevgeny Aldonin scored the decisive goal. 8: 7! That final and that tournament all football players unanimously call the heaviest, most fiery in their memory.