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“Legends Cup” -2018 presented Russian fans with a whole constellation of world football celebrities, meetings with old friends and new acquaintances, many cool matches and gorgeous heads.

The group stage went hot and efficient: only in one of the matches did the team score less than 10 goals for two! But Germany and France in the final game of the first day and even went so far that they crossed the mark of 20 goals.

Moscow warmly welcomed Francesco Totti, who flew to Russia for the first time after completing his career and became the main star of the tournament. As soon as the Emperor of Rome appeared in the stadium bowl, the public immediately went wild with delight. Ovations, shouts, pleas for autographs and joint photographs - on this day Francesco felt how people in our country love football, the Italian national team and the long-term captain of Roma personally. It seems that he himself was in light shock.

Totti expectedly showed his highest class: led the game Azzurra Scuadry, distributed smart shows, scored two takes, scored a stunningly beautiful goal against the Russian national team - the ball after his cannon ball flew into the “nine” past the motionless Alexander Filimonov. However, Francesco saved the Italians' skill from two defeats in the group and one more - in the match for the 5th place. But the captain of the Roma flew to Italy anyway in a good mood, promising to return without fail.

There were also many legends from other countries at the “Legends Cup” -2018: Croatian goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa, familiar to us from performances for Spartak and Rostov, Spaniard Gaiska Mendieta, Dutch Pierre van Hoydonk and Frank de Boer, Portuguese Pedro Paulet and Paulo Ferreira, the French Vincent Candela, Ibrahim Ba, Sydney Govou and William Gallas, the Germans Kevin Kuranyi, Tim Wiese and Cacau. This tournament is probably the most stellar by name.

But none of the foreign legends could not stop the Russian national team. In the final, our team met with the Portuguese. They fought, as far as they could, climbed forward, did not give up. At the beginning of the second half, they even managed to level the score - 3: 3! Only at the right moment the team of Valery Gladilin added and brought the match to a confident victory.